Davis Introduces Legislation to Help Truckers Adopt Fuel-Saving, Emission-Reducing Technologies

Washington, D.C.

The STEER Act establishes a voucher program to assist truckers in purchasing and installing fuel efficient technologies on Class 8 trucks

U.S. Representative Rodney Davis (R-IL) has introduced H.R. 4810, the Supporting Trucking Efficiency and Emission Reductions (STEER) Act, to establish a Department of Energy (DOE) voucher program that assists truckers in purchasing and installing fuel-saving, emission-reducing technologies. Specifically, the voucher program would cover expenditures associated with adopting fuel efficient technologies on Class 8 trucks. 

“We can reduce fuel consumption and emissions in the transportation industry without enacting costly environmental mandates on American companies and workers,” said Rep. Davis. “That’s why I’m introducing the STEER Act.  It’s common-sense, market-driven ideas like my legislation, not heavy-handed policies from Washington, that will protect American workers and our environment without destroying our economy.”

“The STEER Act is rocket fuel for American innovations which help the trucking industry become cleaner and more efficient,” said Daniel Burrows, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of TruckLabs, a technology company helping transform the trucking industry. “These innovations help all fuel types, so we can reduce diesel truck emissions today, while also paving the way to an alternative fuel future. Every dollar saved on fuel goes back into the pocket of truck fleets so more efficient trucks are a win for all involved.”

Wind and rolling resistance are critical parts of fuel efficiency in Class 8 trucks, impacting 85% of on-highway fuel consumption. While passive (non-moving) components that improve aerodynamics and rolling resistance are now standard on almost every truck in America, they are not entirely effective. There are new, more impactful technologies available for active control of aerodynamics, rolling resistance, dynamic axle lift control, and non-Auxiliary Power Units active idle reduction. These devices move and adapt to driving and vehicle conditions, automatically and in real-time, minimizing overall drag and maximizing fuel efficiency. Adoption of these technologies can improve Class 8 fuel efficiency by as much as 15% and can cut national fuel consumption by 4.5 billion gallons/year. 

STEER Act will accelerate widespread adoption of fuel efficient technologies by creating a program to significantly reduce the up-front cost of materials and installation. Through this targeted voucher program, the trucking industry will be able to cost-effectively install these systems on new trucks and retrofit existing trucks, with the potential to accelerate deployment of these new technologies by more than a decade. This legislation will also improve the profitability and economic stability of the country’s largest workforce, its truck drivers, and strengthen the backbone of the nation’s supply chain. You can find the legislative text of the STEER Act here.

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